Potting Mixes for Your Special Plants

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Buy Any 4 Standard Bags, Pay For 3!
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Potting Mixes for Your Special Plants

We have assembled some of the greatest mixes on the planet, from African violets, to Bonsai, tropical, carnivorous and other fine houseplants, rePotme.com is the place smart growers come, because we deliver the goods!

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Orchid Mix

Also available:
Classic Orchid Mixes, Imperial Orchid Mixes, and Bonsai Mixes

rePotme Potting Mixes are made in small batches hand filled from the exact same quality ingredients as you are able to choose from our Select-A-Blend Custom Potting Mix and Potting Media areas, the only difference is that we have done the choosing for you. Our criteria is based on our experience growing our own houseplants. All of our standard size potting mix blends are delivered in convenient resealable handle bags.

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