Orchitop® Carousel Orchid Pots

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Orchitop® Carousel Orchid Pots

Introducing the CAROUSEL Orchid Pot from rePotme.com!

We are delighted to offer for the first time ever, what may just be the smartest and best looking orchid pot ever made.

We are always searching for innovative ideas that make your orchid growing experience the best. If your plants thrive, if growing them is fun and easy, if you feel great about your collection, then we feel great too.

Orchitop Carousel Pots - Purple Amethyst

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Orchitop Carousel Pots - Orange Amber

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Orchid in Orchitop Carousel Pot

What makes these pots unlike any others is their design. There are no horizontal bars, holes or other obstructions on the sides that prevent the roots from being lifted out of the pot. At 5.25" in diameter it is a great size for many orchids and it comes with a detachable drip tray. The 47 upright tines are smooth rounded high quality UV resistant plastic and each one flexes slightly in any direction pushed. This means that the root system of the plant has the ability to expand in a way traditional pots won't allow because their sidewalls won't yield as the Carousel's will.

Maximum light transmission and airflow are a given with this extraordinary pot because there really are no traditional sides at all. The result is both a beautiful decorative pot that also serves to create the perfect growing environment. There is no need for clear plastic liners. The Carousel is available in eight exquisite colors from Pearl White to Purple Amethyst.

Each pot is available with its own matching detachable saucer, and the saucers can be purchased separately allowing for different looks depending on your mood and the bloom color of your orchid!

These are truly regal looking display pots and their functionality matches their beauty. Repotting is a breeze because the roots can't get tangled and stuck in the pot! Drainage is unsurpassed by any pot because there are no sides and the base has 16 holes which are elevated above the included drip tray.

Designed and manufactured for rePotme in Germany, Carousel orchid pots are lighter weight than ceramics yet extremely stable on the wide and generous detachable drip tray. The colors are rich and saturated with jewel like facets incorporated into each flexible upright. Repotting couldn't be easier, because the plant will simply lift out when the time comes! Roots can be adjusted or "braided" back through the uprights to prevent the protruding roots condition so common with Phals and other orchids as roots try to escape the pot over time.

We love the personality of these pots and have already moved many of our plants into them. They have different looks when light plays on them with a gem like prism display in the sun. The fit and finish of each pot is perfect and the truth is that the Carousel is quite simply the only orchid pot of its kind. Unique, beautiful and a perfect growing environment for your prized orchids.

What could be better?

Four Seasons in a Carousel Pot

Spring - Repotted our Phal 

Summer - A new leaf and a spike!

Fall - The spike is showing buds

Winter - A beautiful bloom

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