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rePotme.com Orchid Supplies
21657 Paradise Road
Georgetown, DE 19947
(302) 855-5859    help@repotme.com

Over the many years we have been fascinated and captivated by orchids, we have always found it challenging to find the potting ingredients we wanted for these exquisite flowering plants. Searching local stores, scouring the internet, dragging home large bags, storing unused material, paying for more than we wanted, or simply not finding what we required when we needed it....you probably know the drill too.

We decided to find the resources, products, and suppliers in order to make what has been missing easy to get, affordable, and fun to use. We searched far and wide for the best products, we packaged them in easy to use zip sealed and reusable bags, and best of all, we let you decide precisely what you wanted and we then packaged it to order. Select-A-Blend gives you your very own access to each and every ingredient you can imagine! Mix them any way you like, or order just what you need individually, you are the boss. If you prefer to use our very own recipe mixes, we make them available to you too, in premium Classic Orchid Mixes and Imperial Orchid Mixes. You can buy any of the media that go in our blends in the Potting Media section.

We make our mixes the old fashioned way -- no "secret ingredients", just the highest quality and finest media that can be had, and we tell you exactly what goes in to every one of our mixes. Would you have it any other way?

That's the way we do business too, no surprises, just impeccable service, lightning fast responsiveness and checking back with you on every order to make sure you are delighted with what you received. We treat you the same way we want to be treated. We treat your plants the same way, just as we treat our own.

We grow all of our own orchids inside our home and in our greenhouses and love the experience. Repotting them regularly and with the right ingredients can't be overlooked if the goal is to grow the happiest and healthiest plants that will bring years and years of flowers and joy. Every picture you will find on our pages here are of our orchids, and every one of them grow in the very ingredients we make available to you, in one place, right here at rePotme.com. We belong to several Orchid Societies and Alliances and have won numerous ribbons with our many orchids. The mixes and ingredients we use are available to you now too.

Please enjoy our site and spend some time exploring and learning. We hope you will find exactly what you are looking for, and we promise to get your order to you quickly and with the same care as if you made it up yourself.

Orchid Society Support

We support Orchid Societies and Organizations that also serve our customers. Please let us know if your Society has an upcoming event we might be able to support too. The following societies and organizations are ones we have been delighted to support over many years:

  • AOS (American Orchid Society)
  • IPA (International Phalaenopsis Alliance)
  • Cool Growing Orchid Society
  • Kentucky Orchid Society
  • Heart of Dixie Orchid Society
  • Tucson Orchid Society
  • Central Louisiana Orchid Society
  • Gainesville Orchid Society
  • Rose Gay Garden Club (Missouri)
  • Master Gardeners of Central Georgia
  • Orchid Quest -2014
  • Peninsula Orchid Society (California)
  • Sarasota Orchid Society
  • Gainsville Florida Orchid Society
  • Yuma Orchid and African Violet Society - Arizona
  • Saint Francis Nursing Home (Louisiana)
  • Southwest Regional Orchid Growers Association
  • Orchid Society of Greater St. Louis
  • Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society (GCOS)
  • Nutmeg State Orchid Society (Connecticut)
  • Southern California Orchid Species Society
  • North Okanagan Orchid Society (Canada)
  • Northern New Jersey Orchid Society
  • Mid America Orchid Congress
  • Orchid Society of Greater Kansas City
  • Central Illinois Orchid Society
  • Portland Orchid Society
  • Bucks County Orchid Society (Pennsylvania)
  • Cherry City Orchid Society (Oregon)
  • Western North Carolina Orchid Society (WNCOS)
  • Oklahoma Orchid Society
  • Oregon Orchid Society
  • Sacramento Orchid Society
  • Suffolk Orchid Society (New York)
  • Bromeliad Society of Central Florida
  • Wisconsin Orchid Society (WOS)
  • Palomar Orchid Society
  • Martin County Orchid Society (Florida)
  • The Houston Orchid Society
  • The Orchid Society of Highlands County (Florida)
  • San Diego County Cymbidium Society
  • Greater Las Vegas Orchid Society
  • Merritt Huntington Memorial Symposium
  • BGOC (Brookside Gardens Orchid Club - Maryland)
  • SMOS (Santa Monica Orchid Society)
  • ROA (Richmond Orchid Alliance)
  • Orchid Society of the Ozarks - Arkansas
  • Grand Valley Orchid Society - Grand Rapids Michigan
  • Lincoln Nebraska Orchid Society
  • Virginia Orchid Society
  • OSSC (Orchid Society of Southern California)
  • SOA (Slipper Orchid Alliance)
  • COS (Connecticut Orchid Society)
  • MOS (Maryland Orchid Society)
  • HOTOS (Heart O' Texas Orchid Society)

Feel free to contact us by email or by phone at 302-855-5859.

We are listed in the American Orchid Society Orchid Source Directory.

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