Phalaenopsis Gold Tris
Phalaenopsis Gold Tris

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Orbital Plant Sprayer

Orbital Plant Sprayer
Orbital Plant Sprayer
Sprays When Upside Down!




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Product Highlights

  • Sprays at Any Angle, Even Upside Down!
  • Gently Spray to Hit Those Hard to Reach Places
  • Made from Recycled Milk Bottles. Eco Friendly.

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Plant Misters:

This revolutionary spray bottle is like no other we have seen or used before. It can spray at any angle, even upside down! Every last drop of liquid gets used by this great sprayer, and the best part is that you can spray sideways, upside down, any which way you please and it just keeps spraying. Great for hard to reach angles and especially for spraying the undersides of leaves. Made from recycled plastic milk bottles, it is ecologically friendly, heavy duty and comes with a fully adjustable spray head that can be turned completely off for storage.

This is the same spray bottle you get with our GET OFF ME! all natural bug spray and is now available for purchase separately too.

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