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Saucer Puck

Saucer Puck

Saucer Puck

Square Pot Holder

Our ingenious Saucer Puck is one of our favorites for securing those top-heavy plants that just love to tip over. Dendrobiums come to mind immediately, but any of those top heavy plants you put in a square pot are candidates too. What we love about these are that they have a built in 1.25" tall group of 4 grippers that accept any square pot with a base of up to 2.75 inches (see dimensions of our Square pots in Clear, White and Green). These are ultra-stable with a nice wide base, made of durable plastic and also serve as a nice deep saucer!

Our square pots that fit securely include:

Next time the cat (or a breeze) comes by an orchid in one of these, it's going to take something to send the orchid flying.

5.5 inches top diameter
4.5 inches bottom diameter
1.5 inches tall - saucer 1 inch depth

Depending on the exact shape of the base of these pots they may sit slightly up or all the way down but in all cases fit securely and are not inclined tip over.

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