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Cork Tubes

Cork Tubes

Custom Cork Tubes

quoted by request

Cork Branch Tube

2-3" wide x 5-8" long

3-5 inch Virgin Cork Trunk Tube

3-5" wide x 5-8" long

5-8 inch Virgin Cork Trunk Tube

5-8" wide x 5-8" long

8-12 inch Virgin Cork Trunk Tube

8-12" wide x 5-8" long

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These wonderful virgin cork tubes from Portugal are terrific in a variety of settings and uses. When used as a hanging container, an orchid "pot", or an orchid mount, these pieces are sure to add a great natural look to any setting. These extraordinary pieces are true natural works of art that are instant dramatic focal points, even before you put orchids in them! They are cut to stand on their own, but can be re-cut to your requirements, hung or attached as you wish. These are show stoppers.

Cork branches are excellent for mounting smaller plants and are beautiful in a variety of display settings. Cork trunks have lovely nooks and crannies for orchid roots to nuzzle in. The outside is a beautiful silvery grey and brown color punctuated by willowy looking contours. Each tube is unique and may have natural openings where branches developed. Our widest cork trunk tubes are terrific for larger specimen plants, or multiple smaller plants and will make for an impressive showpiece and display.

We are pleased to carry the finest grade natural virgin cork from Portugal. Cork is a natural product that is produced from the bark of the Cork Oak or quercus suber tree, which grows in countries around the Mediterranean, predominately in Portugal and Spain.

The bark of the cork oak is carefully removed every 9 to 10 years by experienced professional harvesters after which the tree grows a new thick coat of bark, almost like sheep grow wool! Cork harvesters cycle through the trees in a manner that creates a reliable source of this unique wood. Cork is a renewable resource, the average life span of a cork tree is more than 200 years. Orchids love growing in, on and around cork like the type we carry because the roots work their way in and around the craggy surfaces and texture. Cork trunks typically have a seam created by this harvesting process.

When using cork tubes as an orchid pot, our long-lasting Imperial Orchid Mixes with cork pieces make an excellent choice. Coconut husk fiber can be wedged into the bottom of the tube to make a nice base to hold mix in and for water to flow through.

You may also be interested in our cork mounts and cork potting medium.

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