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Slim Dual Grate Humidi-Grow Humidity Tray

Slim Dual Grate Humidi-Grow Humidity Tray

Slim Dual Grate Humidi-Grow Humidity Tray


Humidity Trays:

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Our Slim Dual Grate Humidi-Grow tray model is also done in clean and sharp black, also with two perfectly manufactured beveled and removable grates for cleaning, draining or if you prefer using the reservoir with partial or no grates as with the other models. This one is more of a window sill design, measuring out at the same 26" long as the Quad Grate, with a width of 6.5". This unit can be placed together with the Quad Grate model for an even more impressive surface area, or paired up to make whatever configuration best suits your requirements.

Our professional Humidi-Grow Black Humidity Trays are heavy duty high quality essential items for healthy and happy orchids and all prized plants. We have assembled four handsome pure black humidity trays with an eye on basic utility and economy. Our logic is that these fit together so nicely, you can get one, or any combination of the three to cover your growing area requirements. They are all the same color, the same depth and have the same design. Old fashioned quality and utility but with modern style in a refreshing black.

Orchids on quad grate humidity trays

Orchids from our private collection on humidity trays.

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