Phalaenopsis bellina
Phalaenopsis bellina

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Conifer Mix - Imperial Bonsai Soil

Conifer Mix - Imperial Bonsai Soil
Conifer Mix - Imperial Bonsai Soil - MINI Bag
Generous stuffed resealable handle bag (1.5 Quarts)




Product Highlights

  • Specifically Designed for Conifers
  • Hand-Blended Daily to Ensure Freshness
  • Provides Fantastic Drainage and Incredible Results
  • Gives Excellent Oxygen Circulation
  • In General, One Quart of Potting Mix Fills a Six Inch Wide Pot, Two Four Inch Pots, or Half of an Eight Inch Pot With No Plant in it.

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Conifer Bonsai Soil Mix is made with:

Conifers are unique in many ways, and are often evergreen, but not always. What they do have in common is that they bear cones. Conifers include Pine, Spruce, Hemlock, Douglas-fir, Cedar, Yew, Larch, Norfolk Island Pine, Bald Cypress and others. These cold loving trees thrive outdoors and won't do well grown indoors although bringing them inside during the coldest part of winter when temperatures stay below freezing is wise. Even when they go dormant they need occasional watering. Our conifer bonsai soil mix has been created to provide a well balanced proper draining medium for these great plants to thrive in.

Small particle sizes can be further screened as needed per specific requirements.

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